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Discover all of the info you need in simply a few clicks. Our quick and easy to use and intuitive systems make life managing any size church simple and allows you to spend more time doing the things that matter. You will really love how easy it is from the very start and whether it is creating new records, groups or events, or running financial reports, you won't find an easier way. All of your information at your fingertips, ready to make managing your church fast, efficient, and effective. Our intuitive church management software is straightforward from the very start, allowing you to create new records, coordinate communications and events, and managing your finances in a clear and structured way.

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  • church management software
  • church software
  • financial reporting support
  • budget software
  • cross-platform
  • donation management
  • event management
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About Church Manager

Manage your church congregation, donors, partners, and any other important contacts that form part of your church organisation. Our software will help you easily add, amend and remove contacts in a few easy steps. Use our system to send out messages, invites, or reminders to any group or individuals to maximise engagement. Storing everything in our system means you can do all of your marketing and administration in one, simple system. Church manager will help you improve your finances, engage more with your congregation and focus on the things that matter most!

Manage Events & Check-ins

Plan, monitor, and review all of your events with our church management software today! A lot of time and effort goes into events and thanks to our system you can streamline this process, whether it is a local fundraiser, weddings, or funerals. Events are an important way to generate funds for the church and its good causes. Our system allows you to monitor the engagement and performance, seeing who checks-in, who contributes and important feedback, all in one place.

Manage Reports & Accounting

Accounting and financial reporting support at the touch of a button. Our reports and accounting features help you monitor finances, track donations, expenditure, and event performance. You can create bespoke reports for the key stakeholders in your church organisation and generate regular reports. All of this will guide you towards a more efficient and effective church.

Church Manager is the leading church management platform and its easy to see why. We combine all of your administrative processes into one, effective solution that saves you both time and money. Grow your congregation, improve donations, reduce your expenses and make a difference to those around you.

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34 N Franklin Ave
Pinedale, Wyoming 82941 US

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