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Fashion changes rapidly in the modern world. Be it casual, formal, or traditional wear; new styles take over the market every season. However, women who want to ride this fashion wave should be considerate about body types and suitable occasions if they want to avoid embarrassing fashion mistakes before purchasing women's tops online.

This Article Focuses On Five Tops That Are Trending And How And When To Wear Them

1. Crop Top:
Crop tops have become the go-to type of top for a lot of women recently. Women with a well-toned body can show off their bellies in this stylish outfit.
It suits women of all ages with an hourglass or any other body type that accentuates the waist. It can be paired with skirts, jeans, or shorts to create an eye-catching look. They can be worn for a casual look, but their off-shoulder version looks great for special occasions as well.

2. Blouse Top:
Women who want comfort without sacrificing style should go for the blouse top without any hesitation. Blouse tops are minimalistic yet stylish and make for the perfect casual dress.
Blouse tops go well with all body types and are preferred by aged women. They are usually paired with skinny jeans and heels.

3. Tunic Top;
Tunics are becoming extremely popular these days with brands launching outfits centered around them. They are a kind of loose-fitted top that falls to the hip and conceals body types with bulging tummies.
A huge advantage of tunics is their versatility. Cotton tunics make for a great casual outfit, but georgette tunics attract eyes during formal occasions. They are commonly paired with slim fit or regular jeans, and flat sandals or sneakers.

4. Peplum:
Peplum tops are trendy and are more suited for a formal or special occasion. They are regular tops that flare near the stomach.
The flared elastic detail is a blessing to women with apple and pear-shaped body types. Hourglass body types can also pull it off beautifully. Paired with trousers, shorts, and ripped jeans they lend a stunning look. Footwear suggestions include boots and pumps as they highlight the overall look.

5. Tank Top:
Tank tops are the most comfortable and casual tops among all. With their round neck and sleeveless design, they become the go-to choice during hot summers.
They lend a chic look when worn with shorts or jeans and sandals or sneakers.
In the end, women can choose any of these trendy tops from the numerous women tops online and be sure to stay ahead of the fashion wave.

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