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About GreyLoud Software Design & Development

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GreyLoud provides a special hybrid-offshoring model with project leadership in Hong Kong and development and design outsourced to Eastern Europe. This implies astonishingly efficient development operations at incredibly affordable rates. We also give technology selection, technical documentation, process development, product design, software prototyping, and managed cloud services. We are proud to serve Fortune 500 companies, SME's, and cutting-edge startups.

World-Class Software Development Teams at Competitive Rates and the Convenience of On-site Project Managers and Software Consultants.

The place of your development partner significantly impacts the cost and outcome of your project.

Local teams are easy to handle and collaborate with, but very expensive and it can be hard finding good teams because they are so in demand and because of that they can charge as much as they want. Hong Kong has a massive shortage of qualified software development professionals, so many businesses must look to other countries to build their development groups.

Offshore development groups are cheap and plentiful, but managing and collaborating with them is much more challenging and risky. Video calls are a poor substitute to face to face meetings and in-person whiteboarding sessions. On top of that, you will have little or no recourse when they run off with your money when your project runs into problems!

At GreyLoud you have the best of both worlds for a Hong Kong Software Development Company: A group of affordable World-Class software engineers, and on-site project managers and technology consultants in Hong Kong.

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