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One of the most influential criminal defense attorneys in Chicago and across Cook County, Illinois. If you''ve been accused of a crime do not hesitate and call Vadim for a free consultation.

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For decades, Americau2019s crackdown on the war on drugs has led to harsh consequences for many people who are in the throes of addiction. Drug crimes are still a serious matter to this day, although many states have loosened restrictions on more minor substances like marijauna in more recent years, and can still ruin the lives and livelihoods of the individuals and families that they affect due to onerous court fees and overwhelming odds stacked against you.

All of those troubles have the potential to fade away when you hire an attorney of precision and deep knowledge: Vadim A. Glozman, Esquire is an excellent choice of legal counsel for those in need of criminal defense. Mr. Glozmanu2019s practice not only covers minor and more major drug crimes, he also has a deep knowledge of white-collar crimes like fraud as well as actions that fall under federal jurisdiction.

Mr. Glozman was educated right here in Chicago at the John Marshall Law School and has an extensive background in Illinois criminal law that he can put to use in your court case. That background began at the First Appellate Court of Illinois, where he worked during college and established a professional foundation for becoming a trial attorney. He has since been published in a number of legal journals and awarded quite a few u201ctop talentu201d awards by his peers within the legal world, both regionally and nationally.

One of the main reasons that many accused criminals are not successful in winning their trials or procuring reduced sentencing is due to lackluster defending counsel. When you cannot trust your lawyer to have your back and to understand the specifics of your case, you have a much lower chance of avoiding or reducing imprisonment. For an attorney who will put the care and attention into you and your case that you need, call Vadim A. Glozman, Esq. for your free case review today.

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