IIT Coaching in Hyderabad – Nano Education

IIT Coaching in Hyderabad – Nano Education

What We Do!

Nano Education offering Best IIT Coaching in Hyderabad for all IIT aspirants by various structured courses by the team of two decades of experienced faculty. This is the best training institute for JEE Main and Advanced, BITSAT Examinations Targeting Admissions to IITs, NITs, and IIITs.

Our Services

  • BITSAT Coaching in Hyderabad
  • Residential IIT JEE Coachng In Hyderabad - GURUKUL
  • long term coaching for iit jee in hyderabad - DISHA
  • IIT Coaching In Hyderabad - PRAJwAl
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About IIT Coaching in Hyderabad – Nano Education

Prime IIT Coaching in Hyderabad u2013 Nano Junior College&IIT Academy is the Best Training Institute for JEE Main&Advanced, BITSAT Examinations Targeting Admissions to IITs, NITs&IITs.Two decades of Dedication to IIT JEE Preparation- Finest Faculty Team - Conceptual Approach -No rote learning. In the part of our IIT Coaching in Hyderabad we offering different types of courses with this every student has equal opportunities to learn and explore their skills and abilities. Those are

1. Integrated IIT JEE Coaching in Hyderabad-PRAJWAL

PRAJWAL is the 2 years integrated coaching along with Intermediate. It is the foremost choice for every IIT aspirant who wants to start their IIT preparation along with Intermediate. Here we are aiming to help the students to clear Intermediate and IIT JEE simultaneously.

2. IIT JEE Long Term Coaching in Hyderabad-DISHA

DISHA is the one-year long term IIT JEE Coaching program, it is the best option for the repeaters. These classes will be handled by highly professional faculty with more than 20 years of IIT JEE Coaching Experience and cover the full JEE Main&JEE Advanced syllabus.

3. Residential IIT JEE Coaching Institute in Hyderabad-GURUKUL

GURUKUL is IIT Coaching in Hyderabad with the residential facility to facilitate immersive preparation by providing hygienic food and a conducive environment. In this, students will be benefited from all features of Prajwal with supervised study hours until 10 PM daily. The residential students under this course will be benefited in such a way that few are privileged to experience.

4. BITSAT Coaching in Hyderabad

NANO Education is exclusive for BITSAT Coaching in Hyderabad, BITSAT crash course is a much sought after the training program. With limited seats for maintaining quality in teaching, the batch gets filled by end of February every year.

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