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Wisdom Teeth Professionals

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Since getting his license to practise dentistry in Australia in 2005 and going out on his own, Dr Pinho has concentrated his training to wisdom teeth extraction, working intimately with other oral specialists. This surgery procedure method is it can help patients with improvement in life u2013 and furthermore, in general, is more costly. Because Paulo sees a high number of patients and has adapted skills to perform speedy surgeries, he offers better rates, including for hospitals and day surgeries.

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Phone: 1300 721 184

About Wisdom Teeth Professionals

Wisdom Teeth Professionals, offers the lowest-cost oral surgery in Sydney and Melbourne. Dr Paulo Pinho has been practicing dentistry in Australia since 2005, aiming to provide a Low cost oral surgery, especially on wisdom teeth extraction. Since Paulo consults more number of patients, he has enhanced his skills to perform speedy surgeries, which is the reason that he offers an affordable dentistry. He has extracted over 20,000 Wisdom teeth and offers a safe record history through his career. Call 1300 721 184 or visit http://wisdomteethremoval.com.au/ for more details.

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Level 1, 187 Macquarie Street
Sydney, 2000 AU

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