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Wholesale Disposable bamboo chopsticks more complete details about Disposable bamboo chopsticks and other bamboo product suppliers or manufacturer China. We are the largest bamboo product supplier in China, our have own factory and trading company. Our products are sold in the Americas, Europe, and Australia, and we have extensive trading experience. Wholesalers, importers, distributors, retailers and some large chain restaurants are looking for us to stock. From the raw material processing, and product production processes are all supervised by us.

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  • Wholesale Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks
  • Sanitary Chopsticks
  • Recyclable Bamboo Wood Chopsticks
  • Convenient Chopsticks
  • Disposable Bamboo Skewers
  • Bamboo Flowers Sticks
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About Fujian Jianou Rijia Bamboo & Wood Products Co.,Ltd

We focus on producing disposable bamboo chopsticks, disposable bamboo skewers, bamboo flowers sticks,bamboo toothpicks & wooden toothpicks, bamboo slices & bamboo spoons & bamboo forks & bamboo sushi mats.

Disposable chopsticks refer to chopsticks that are discarded once, also known as "sanitary chopsticks" and "convenient chopsticks."

Disposable chopsticks are a fast-paced, resource-saving life product of the society and a product of a sharp decline in forest resources.

Disposable bamboo chopsticks are made of recyclable bamboo, economical and environmentally friendly, and are increasingly used.

China encourages the use of disposable bamboo chopsticks instead of disposable chopsticks to reduce the use of wood and protect the forest.

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2705 Royal Park Tower,Zhengda Plaza. NO.18
Fujian, 350000 CN

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