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At Cohen %38 Malad, LLP, the words we live by are “Power to Your Voice.” We believe that as advocates for others our attorneys can truly give power to those who feel they have no voice and that our action and commitment can make a difference in the lives of our clients. We also believe that the problems of our clients are our problems—not a billing opportunity. Cohen %38 Malad, LLP attorneys have been advocating for our clients since 1968, throughout difficult negotiations, contested litigation and everything in between. Our attorneys have argued before state and federal courts, and never stop fighting until justice has been served. While we will negotiate when possible, we are never afraid to step into a courtroom, and face a challenge, no matter how big or small. If you believe the only good resolution to your situation is to have your day in court, we will vow to make that day count. At Cohen %38 Malad LLP, we have a carefully selected team of nearly 30 attorneys who represent our clients in a wide range of legal issues. The Cohen %38 Malad, LLP law firm was founded by former Indiana Attorney General, John J. Dillon, as well as Louis F. Cohen and others. Over the past fifty years, our firm has grown significantly, into an admired and respected Indianapolis law firm. At Cohen %38 Malad, LLP, we prosecute and defend class actions, as well as other civil litigation in courts across the United States. We advise businesses, companies and corporations regarding business transactions, and prepare necessary documents to accomplish the goals set forth by the company. The Cohen %38 Malad, LLP attorneys also provided skilled representation to those seeking high-stakes divorce and assist lenders in collecting on unpaid loans. In addition to our nearly thirty highly-skilled attorneys, we have an extensive support staff at Cohen %38 Malad, LLP. This allows our attorneys to successfully assist our clients in a wide range of legal services. At Cohen %38 Malad, LLP, we essentially have several practice “groups” which complement the needs of our clients, allowing us to protect and enforce the rights of those clients.

Our Services

  • Pharmaceutical Drug Litigation
  • Medical Device Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Class Action
  • Eminent Domain
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Family Law

About Cohen&Malad, LLP

Cohen & Malad, LLP was founded in 1968 by former Indiana Attorney General, John J. Dillon, Louis F. Cohen and others. Since that time, Cohen & Malad has grown to be an admired and respected law firm. The Firm prosecutes and defends class actions and other civil litigation in Courts throughout the United States. Cohen & Malad also advises companies and businesses in business transactions and the preparation of legal documents necessary to accomplish their goals. The Firm also provides skilled representation in high-stakes divorces and assists lenders in collecting their loans.

Today, Cohen & Malad employs more than 25 highly skilled attorneys, backed by a large support staff, with extensive experience in a wide range of litigation and business services. Using the latest in legal technology and backed by decades of litigation experience, Cohen & Malad LLP works hard to protect and enforce the rights of its clients both in and out of Court. Cohen & Malad’s services are delivered via six Practice Groups:

Class Action Practice Group: The Class Action Practice Group at Cohen & Malad, LLP takes pride in obtaining recoveries for large numbers of people in cases that often are too small or too difficult to litigate on an individual basis. Class action lawsuits permit such claims to be grouped together in a single, more efficient lawsuit. Our track record includes millions of dollars of financial recoveries as well as other benefits secured in statewide cases on behalf of Hoosiers and in cases of national and international scope.

Personal Injury Practice Group: It is a fact of life today that people often suffer physical and financial damages through the negligence of others. Cohen & Malad’s Personal Injury Practice Group works hard to represent the interests of such individuals and help them obtain reasonable compensation for the injuries they have sustained. In addition to car accidents and other more common physical injuries, this group also handles claims against faulty drug and medical device manufacturers, as well as claims for construction and other work-related injuries.

Medical Malpractice: Medical malpractice cases can involve claims against doctors, hospitals, dentists, nursing home personnel, and other health care providers. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases as well as mass medical malpractice litigation, and helped recover tens of millions of dollars in damages for our injured clients. Disclosure- Each case is unique and past performance does not indicate future results.

Dangerous Drug & Medical Device: Healthcare companies make drugs and medical devices to improve our quality of life. When a defective product causes serious harm, our product liability attorneys help victims get compensation for the injuries they suffered and hold these companies accountable for the products they put on the market. We have represented thousands of clients in lawsuits against pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers across the nation.

Family Law Practice Group: The Cohen & Malad Family Law Practice Group represents clients in the often emotionally charged legal matters dealing with divorce, child custody, adoption, and other issues which arise from domestic relations. Cohen & Malad provides experienced counsel to protect our clients’ interests in what is often the most personally trying of situations.

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