Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit - Miniyou

Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit - Miniyou

What We Do!

Feel the power of healing pains and body aches with traditional massage therapy. Mini you is an Australian based professional Massage therapist and Reiki Master, who runs a beautiful spa in Australia to give people a relaxed environment. We are the leading in body massage industry. We only use and stock the best products including massage oil and massage tricks. We focus on customer satisfaction and offer a great range of services. Mini youu2019s team specialises in their given field in treating stress, headaches, and migraines, depression, neck and back pain massages. So why are you waiting for visit Miniyou for special Massage Therapy

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  • Massage therapy
  • Body Massage
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Phone: 1300 442 212

About Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit - Miniyou

Mini you is a professional and dedicated therapist, running a full-fledged massage spa to heal the body pains of customers. Mini you’s team specialises in treating stress, headaches and migraines, depression, neck and back pain, soft tissue injuries, plantar fasciitis, lower back and hip discomfort, shoulder pain, weight management, digestive disorders, pre and post pregnancy conditions through effective and rejuvenating massage therapies. Thus, our masseuses are experienced in fixing common problem areas such as neck and shoulders, lower back, and sport related injuries including hamstrings. I constantly strive to learn more about myself, how I can help others using my skills.

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