Micro X-Ray Inc.

Micro X-Ray Inc.

What We Do!

Micro X-Ray Inc., is a designer and manufacturer of low power, small focal spot x-ray tubes for various applications including X-ray Fluorescence, X-ray Diffraction, medical imaging, electron imaging and thickness gauging.

Our Services

  • Mini Focus Glass X-Ray Tube Insert
  • Mini Focus Packaged X-Ray Tube
  • Silicone Encapsulated X-Ray Tube
  • Forced Air Cooled Module
Phone: (831) 207-4900

About Micro X-Ray Inc.

Our company mission is to address the unfulfilled need for unique application requirements. Instead of offering a standard product, we focus on customizing our product to meet customer specific applications, providing a competitive market advantage. Weve assembled a team that is focused on being responsive, flexible, and accommodating to our customers. We welcome the opportunity to address your specific X-Ray tube challenges.

Building X-ray tubes requires much more than the assembly of precision metal and glass components " it requires skilled craftsmanship and engineering in conjunction with esoteric processes learned over decades. Weve incorporated these elements utilizing 21st century technology. Micro X-Ray maintains full control over all manufacturing processes by conducting them in house. Each X-ray tube is built by hand using the latest technology available " we call it Engineered Art.

Our tubes are the products of design and the result of intense effort driven by passion.

Our Location:

370 Encinal Steet, Suite 200
Santa Cruz, California 95060 US

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