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RealtyZoom, one of the leading discount real estate brokers in California making the entire process of listing and selling a house by owners simple and hassle-free by having the property listed on the MLS for 1 percent commission.

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About RealtyZoom

Our core focus is to create outstanding results for each and every one of our clients.

We specialize in creating innovative custom solutions which maximize seller equity and address every need a seller may have regarding the sale of their home.

Since 2007 we have created custom solutions for the unique needs thousands of sellers. This vast experience has provided us with the opportunity to develop a wide variety of tools for creating solutions for every situation imaginable.

The Founder and CEO of RealtyZoom, Ryan Call, is passionate about helping sellers with their real estate needs and has been buying homes since 2003. He believes in always doing what’s right and is a man of faith and family. Below is a picture of him with his wife and children.

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