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If you are thinking about launching your own business, you should consider consulting with professionals at BrandQuest. BrandQuest is a strategy and brand management consultancy, formed by Jason Eisner and Graeme Gladman, and its sole purpose is to help starting businesses grown.

Since 2007, BrandQuest has made a process that can extract and refine inner knowledge into an amazing strategy, within only 4 weeks. Process and simplicity are the keys to success, together with the five key questions that every CEO marketer must know the answers to:

• Where is your business heading?
• What do you need to say?
• How should you say it?
• How you do what you say?
• When do you say it?

As simple as BrandQuest might outwardly appear, the fact is that the answers to these questions will unlock the potential for your organization or company to achieve the desired objective growth.

Our Services

  • The BrandQuest Marketing Program
  • "1 to Many' Marketing Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements
  • The BrandQuest Marketing Book
  • Brand Change
  • Brand Delivery

About BrandQuest

In 2005, the two BrandQuest founders were independently engaged by a common client to assist in the successful launch of their business. Until that time neither had met nor knew of the other.

Jason was engaged as a Business Advisor and Graeme in a Brand Development role. Following the successful launch the two continued to meet and discuss business issues of mutual interest.

Over a cup of coffee sometime afterwards, they both realised the obvious gap in the Australian market for small to medium and mid-tier companies to access and develop a sophisticated, robust strategic marketing strategy without the usual extreme costs from large consulting firms or the associated time-lag usually associated with the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Following almost two years of development, Graeme and Jason launched the BrandQuest business model with their unique, simple, understandable, affordable and implementable process in June 2007.

Our Location:

Level 26, 1 Bligh St.
Sydney, 2000 AU

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