Dicom Solutions

Dicom Solutions

What We Do!

Dicom Solutions, one of the leading distributors of digital imaging equipment in the fields of orthopedic, chiropractic, veterinary, radiology, podiatry, urgent care, etc. delivering custom tailored X-Ray machines at cost effective prices.

Our Services

  • Chiropractic DR Panel
  • Upper Cervical Xrays
  • Urgent Care X-Ray
  • PACS System
  • Digital XRay Price
  • Portable XRay Machine Cost
  • X Ray Equipment

About Dicom Solutions

Dicom Solutions was established in 2003 to assist imaging centers, hospitals, and private practices with meeting their imaging equipment goals—which was finding the right equipment solution for their individual needs, at the right price budget, with the right service and support. Initially starting with just a few products and a small family run business, Dicom Solutions started paving the way of the Medical Imaging future by growing their products and services line over the past ten years to now over 3,000 products. Dicom Solutions was the pioneer in getting medical imaging products and information online, via our interactive website and online forum. In 2004, Dicom Solutions transformed the medical imaging industry by launching the original extensive interactive online marketplace and established ourselves as the “one-stop shop” for all medical imaging related products (Digital X-Ray, PACS, Film Digitizers, Digital converters, ect).

Our Location:

548 Wald
Irvine, California 92618 US

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