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Good Threads LLC

What We Do!

Using the pure grain leather, we produce industry''s one of the finest embroidered needlepoint belts to complete your fashionable accessories needs while ensuring our product last a lifetime. Combining our customization skills and high-quality material, we come up with the most favored hand-stitched needlepoint belts ever. Every Purchase Makes a Difference - For every needlepoint keychain sold, Good Threads feeds an impoverished Haitian child 3 meals. We believe in doing better. The Joan Rose Foundation (JRF) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide impoverished children with the chance to succeed in life.

Our Services

  • cross stitch belts
  • embroidered belts
  • needlepoint belts
  • fashion accessories
  • dog collars
Phone: 833-424-8448

About Good Threads LLC

Good Threads LLC is a true social business, devoted to helping families residing in the Joan Rose Foundation (JRF) get a stable employment crafting needlepoint belts. In addition, Good Threads also gives back a portion of their earnings to the charity funding two weeks of food for a JRF child in the community for every belt sold. Shop for custom American Flag needlepoint belts, made with love for you. Let's serve the Haitian children and their families so everyone could live a happier lifestyle. Using pearl cotton thread and 18-count mono canvas, employees spend up to 40 hours stiching each belt by hand. After being inspected by David Palmer himself, the canvas is then attached to full-grain leather and fashioned with a solid brass buckle. Every needlepoint belt, dog collar and keychain is hand-stitched by a Haitian head-of-household figure (usually the mother) who are paid up to 5x the average wage in Haiti for their work.
Working Conditions
All of our employees work from their homes.We pay our employees a set price for a finished piece, instead of an hourly wage; this allows our employees to take care of their children and household while they work at their own pace.

Our Location:
Royal Oak, Michigan 48067 US

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