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Online Womens shoes. We sell rain boots, flats, sandals, heels and regular boots. We offer coupons only available on select styles as well as free shipping.

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About Extravagant Feet

Extravagant Feet was created to provide people like you with an easy, customer friendly source for shoes. Our goal is to create an approach that's tailored to you and make sure you feel like you have been heard and taken care of.

We built our company from the ground up while thinking about the needs of our customers, earning us the trust and respect of many of our past visitors. Whether you've been looking to buy or just looking for some advice, we're here for you. Your satisfaction is what makes our business grow!

We started this company with the drive to provide women all over the world with the perfect pair of shoes. With only the owner and CEO and I the social media marketer we have grown tremendously in the last few months.

One of the hottest styles of shoes right now are the classic Wellington styles boots, which are a preppy girls go-to during the fall and winter months. While originally best known for being the sturdiest, most comfortable and reliable boot for working out in the country, it’s become a fashion statement being recreated by some of the highest designer brands out there.

From the classic Hunter brand boots to LL Bean, Ralph Lauren, Sperry and even Burberry you’ll find the perfect pair of rain boots that are not only practical but incredibly cute as well.

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Columbus, Ohio 43223 US

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