CIOX Health facilitates

CIOX Health facilitates

What We Do!

ECS’ core competency is medical record retrieval. We support all forms of retrieval (on-site scanning, fax, mail, e-mail, on-site EMR and remote EMR). Our 2,000 on-site retrieval personnel are experienced healthcare professionals and employees of ECS.

Our Services

  • Medicare Risk Advantage Record Retrieval
  • HEDIS Record Retrieval
  • Prospective Forms Processing
  • Attestation Recovery
  • Global Chart Repository
  • Credentialing

About CIOX Health facilitates

CIOX Health facilitates and manages the movement of health information with the industry’s broadest provider network and capabilities in release of information, record retrieval, and health information management.

CIOX Health takes an end-to-end approach, working alongside organizations as a partner to help them manage their health information and streamline processes for the exchange of information, audit management, document management, and coding. As a company, we are in pursuit of providing the ultimate customer experience by adding value at every touchpoint.
Connecting Sources of Data with the Demand for Data

We are the single biggest access point for meaningful health information in the country. We are embedded in more provider sites across the country — the majority of the U.S. delivery system — as their release of information partner. In addition, we connect numerous provider sites through our field technicians and technology platform for record retrieval.

This makes us uniquely positioned to bring consent-driven access to health information to all those who need it — regardless of location, EMR, or health system affiliation.

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