EcoRaider - Non-Toxic Insecticide

EcoRaider - Non-Toxic Insecticide

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EcoRaider is a non-toxic bio-insecticide product line made with natural botanical insecticidal compounds. Consumers are showing great interest in green alternatives, EcoRaider provides a green sustainable solution with uncompromising effectiveness.

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  • Best performing natural bio-insecticide
  • Proven by USDA IR4 PHP Program study
  • Entomological Society of America published
  • Leading universities tested and verified
  • Recommended by top pest professionals
  • Eliminate 90% bed bugs within 1 hour
  • Fast kills pesticide resistant super bugs.
Phone: (212) 202-2615

About EcoRaider - Non-Toxic Insecticide

EcoRaider® is a non-toxic but highly efficacious bio-insecticide product line made with naturally occurring botanical insecticidal compounds. As bed bugs and other target pests are developing strong resistance to many traditional pesticides, and consumers are showing great interest in green alternatives to synthetic pesticides,

EcoRaider® provides a green and sustainable alternative solution with low risk but uncompromising effectiveness. Unlike many other green products, EcoRaider® not only offers fast and sure kill, but also extended residual protection. It has been used by pest management professionals all over the country and has been successful in controlling the bed bug epidemic in residences, hotels, nursing homes, schools, public transportation, housing authorities, and more. Because it is non-toxic,

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8400 River Rd, North Bergen
, New Jersey 07047 US

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