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Amorium Jewelry

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Amorium Jewelry brings back the craft of handmade silver jewelry. No two Amorium jewelry pieces are the same as each piece is handmade. Each piece is unique for unique souls.

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About Amorium Jewelry

Eons ago, during times of prosperity and joy, artisans of Aegean (now modern Turkey) have discovered new ways of manipulating precious metals and ornamenting them with radiant gems and stones. During this hedonistic epoque, the best stonecutters and metallurgist of Aegean competed to create the most admired pieces of jewelry. Throughout all the Aegean, the city of Amorium's creations stood out both in creativity and technical complexity. Their new creations included carefully handcrafted jewelry so delicate and mesmerizing, the world had not seen anything remotely like them. For a brief period of time, the world experienced elegance and beauty through Amorium's finest handcrafted jewelry. However, this man made paradise did not last forever and disintegrated into the abyss of time and with it the traditions of oriental artisanship once prospered in the city of Amorium were lost forever...until now

Amorium Jewelry aims to bring back the traditional methods of jewelry production in the age of the plastics and mass-production. No two Amorium products are the same. They can't be. Every single Amorium piece is handmade using millennia old Aegian methods, bringing unique jewelry for unique souls.

Our Location:

381 Park Ave South
New York, New York 10016 US

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