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Call the Sacramento criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Alin Cintean for a dedicated representation in all types of criminal defense matters, including identity theft, embezzlement & bribery in California.

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Are you under arrest? Do you suspect you are under investigation? You want an aggressive, experienced criminal defense professional to guide you through the daunting criminal justice system. A criminal record may follow you all your life, and negatively affect your employment opportunities, your ability to obtain professional licenses and your personal and professional relationships. At the Law Offices of Alin Cintean our goal is to guard you against a conviction that creates a criminal record. Alin Cintean works with a team of private investigators to provide the aggressive representation necessary to minimize your jail sentences and fines.
Federal criminal charges carry extremely severe sentences. Federal prosecutions result from long-term investigations by federal agencies. They are complex because they involve extensive surveillance tapes, witness interviews, wiretaps and confidential informants. Our criminal defense team thoroughly investigates every detail of these cases. We work to uncover witness mistakes, unauthorized wiretaps and criminal records that we can use to impeach informants. Our number one goal is to do what it takes to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

If you face federal sentencing, you want a San Francisco Bay Area criminal defense attorney at your side who is well acquainted with federal defenses and the federal sentencing guidelines. As an experienced federal defense lawyer, Mr. Cintean knows there is wiggle room in every prosecutor’s case. We use the law and the facts to advocate for a reduced sentence during plea negotiations.

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