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It is Odisha''s fast and first web news portal deals with politics, crime, business, lifestyle, current news, city life, Bhubaneswar, India, citizen reporter.

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About Yugabda

We are here because we are chosen to be here. We are here not only to accomplish our duty and responsibility, but also to make this profession dignified and honored. We understood that it is a profession, which must be dealt with neo-professional ideals. We started this with a missionary vision, where a journalist must be self sustained, more responsible, and more dignified; Journalism field must be a most honored profession;

We are not for A NEWSPAPER FOR A BUSINESS, RATHER A NEWSPAPER BUSINESS. Every reader will get more what he/she is going to invest here. Because we learned well that readers are not simply readers of our contents, they are our partners. A conscious reader never wants to waste his/her money and valuable time on a newspaper/ e paper/ a web news page, which is not beneficial to him/her or his/her Society/ Locality/Nation/Humanity.

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M-5, Samant Vihar, chandrasekharpur
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