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Landscape NJ

What We Do!

P&M Landscaping is a full service landscape and lawn care contractor that caters to homeowners in Central New Jersey including, Montgomery, Princeton, Skillman, Trenton and the surrounding areas.

Our Services

  • Garden plan
  • Garden maintenance
  • Landscape ideas and designs
  • Lawn mowing
  • Outdoor rooms
  • Plant health care
  • Residential designs

About Landscape NJ

P&M Gonzalez Landscaping, the company with greener grass, is a privately owned entity that serves as a full-fledged gardening services agency. Its services are spread over the Central New Jersey region since over a decade. With Pedro Gonzalez as its founder, we are offering complete gardening and landscaping services covering multiple areas of New Jersey including Princeton NJ, Trenton, and Kingston and the neighboring areas.

As our core value we employ smart garden experts who nurture an absolute fondness for the green. They have been entrusted with the mission of providing premium quality gardening services to our clients, such as lawn care, shrub care, plant healthcare&garden landscaping among others. Amidst experience, dedication&professional approach, our plants care-takers go an extra mile to come up with your personal pastures that are greener, fresher and more luxuriant than anywhere in your neighborhood.

Our gardening services are trimmed to perfection&client satisfaction. Since we clearly know what it takes, we are used to creating wonderlands in the cloak of gardens through no ordinary efforts or means. Through pure&natural landscaping materials&products and finest gardening implements, we aim to deliver you your Dream-garden.

Our Services Pickbox

Garden Plan Services for a beautiful, captivating garden that is soothing to the eyes&relaxing to the soul to let you breathe free and lead a healthy life.

Garden Maintenance Services to keep you off the hectic chores of keeping your lawn in a neat&tidy shape ensuring the coolness of the green doesnt fade away.

Creative Landscape Ideas&Designs erupt from sharp&savvy minds that take into account the minutest of details to incorporate your imagery into their own creativity.

Perfect Lawn Mowing helps keep your lawn grass trimmed&neat that invites you on daily morning walks, treading along the fresh, green&silky soft plantation barefoot.

Exquisite Outdoor Rooms are especially designed to get organized campfires, BBQ gathering or any other cookout while you hangout within your own premises.

Expert Plant Healthcare Services are designed to keep your beloved plants free from all sorts of pest&insect invasion or any epidemic that might ruin your greenery.

Residential Design Services provide large scale props such as lighting, decking&lampposts among other installations to enhance the beauty&value of your lawn.

Snow Removal Services during subzero cold conditions is handled at absolute ease with us working diligently until your greenery has been shoveled up the snow blanket.

Our Spring&Fall Cleanups ensure that the falling leaves are swept away clean and dont create a mess in your garden or yard while you enjoy the lush greenery of your plantation zone.

Our Spring Landscape Maintenance Services are expertly designed to cater to mending and restoring the damage produced by winter on plants, flowers&grass in your yard to beautify it for the upcoming spring.

Commercial Landscape is a complete end-to-end procedure from planning&budgeting to installation&maintenance, keeping in constant coordination with the client each step.

Our Location:

4125 Route 27
Princeton, New Jersey 08540 US

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