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Zirconium Dental Clinic

What We Do!

Our zirconium dental clinic that serves the same time, outside the field of implants and porcelain dental practices serve 24 hours in 7 days with a highly specialized team in outer space. Do not hesitate to reach us from our contact numbers.

Our Services

  • zirconium teeth
  • dental implants
  • porcelain teeth
  • braces
  • dental veneer
  • teeth whitening
  • root canal therapy

About Zirconium Dental Clinic

Zirconium What is it?
Who would not want an aesthetic outer appearance? Twinkling white teeth clean and healthy is something for everyone's wish. Zirconium teeth yellowed, rotten, broken off and is used to apply a lot more Frequently in recent years in dentistry.

For example tooth decay is by your mouth instead of your application BOOK implants should not vanished females. is the name given to the artificial tooth root implants but do not end with the implant is just to give me a real Exterior view his or porcelain tooth or teeth you must zirconium procedure outlined. Because of the similarity with real teeth structure in recent years, dentists often suggest to their patients outside of zirconium. You say quite advantages Zirconium is greater.

Our Location:

Musadayi sk. Ozer is merkezi kat:3 Mecidiyekoy
Istanbul, 34100 TR

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