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This website provides readers with coverage of the latest trending hair loss prevention solutions. The site also features informational pages that examine studies and clinical research to discern the most effective hair loss treatments.

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About Hold the Hairline

You’re losing your hair. Through no fault of your own some of your hair follicles have decided they are calling it quits. Maybe you’re losing ground to a receding hairline, or thinning at the vertex and the top, perhaps the hair at the temples has started to go, maybe all of the above, or maybe most of its gone already. The bottom line is the pandemic of hair loss can come in many different forms and has many stages, all of which are unpleasant.

You can raise your fist at the almighty and curse the lot he hath given you, but your thinning hair is indifferent to how you feel about the situation. Much of the embarrassment that stems from hair loss is contingent upon your age. Someone in their late 30’s who has just started battling a receding hairline is in a different boat than a person in their early 20’s. This may also play a role in influencing your decision on how to approach your own hair loss situation. On Hold The Hairline, we look at a great many of the best hair loss treatments—proven and unproven—and discuss whether they are worth your time.

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