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Indah Karya Brothers

What We Do!

CV. Indah Karya Brothers is a company that provides services carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, washing chandelier, springbed washing, polishing the floors, polishing marble, wash vinyl flooring, epoxy floor washing, general cleaning and tide wallpaper for offices and housing. Our company is a reliable carpet cleaning solution and the cheapest and is committed to provide satisfaction to our customers.

Our Services

  • cuci karpet
  • cuci sofa
  • cuci lampu kristal
  • cuci springbed
  • poles lantai
  • poles marmer
  • cuci lantai vinyl

About Indah Karya Brothers

CV. Indah Karya Brothers is a company engaged in the service. In general the service excellence (product and services) of our company is a service carpet cleaning, polish the floor (marble, ceramic, vinyl, parquette etc), washing crystal lamps, washing springbed, sofa washing, general cleaning and Services tide wallpaper. Consumer customers of our services generally are residential, offices, apartments, houses of worship, educational facilities and several factories. Our company has been in this business a few years and in line with the rapid demand for our services and also to further improve the professionalism of our service then formally established CV. Indah Karya Brothers on 22 September 2014, with deed of Notary Novianti SH., MM No. 147. All legal documents authorizing our law firm to run a business and businesses can be found on our official website.

CV. Indah Karya Brothers in running a business and business is committed to:

Provide the best service and quality to customer satisfaction.
Improving the quality of human resources in order to provide the best service
Follow and apply the latest technologies that can support
Using the techniques and chemicals that are environmentally friendly

Our Location:

Duren Jaya Permai jl. Kanon blok E-1 no.11 Kelurahan Aren Jaya Bekasi timur
Bekasi, 17111 ID

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