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Relief India Trust NGO involved in relief programs for betterment of the lives of poor Indian children. We takes up appropriate programs for rehabilitating

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Relief India Trust NGO is to facilitate better quality of life in all its realms through community mobilization, participatory governance based on sustainable natural resource management. Thus community participation, education, protection and promotion of environment and social capital are central to the activities of the organization.

Emphasis on children and environment are major areas of attention of Relief India Trust action research interventions that provide space for the participation and engagement of the stakeholders in analysis and change of the conditions forming the milieu of the people with whom Relief India Trust works.

Relief India Trust NGO prepared a good number of educational material for child labour turned students at different levels (according to their age and learning levels) and texts for marginalized communities in the society. Our strengthened its educational programmes by capacity building of (VEC) Village Education Committees, self-help groups and CBOs to protect child rights, literacy for adolescent girls and motivating rural youth to take part in all literacy programmes.

Besides, it continues participation in networks, campaigns and movements to facilitate peoples development especially in the areas of child rights, education,women rights, participatory governance and community management of natural resources.

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D mall, 902, 9th Floor, NSP, Pitampura, New Delhi
Delhi, 110034 IN

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