Bobby Jon Hook Clinical Hypnotherapy

Bobby Jon Hook Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapist based in the uk. Proven results with genuine reviews. Specializing in SKYPE hypnotherapy. Free initial consultation.
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  • Hypnotherapy for stress
  • anxiety
  • depression and more

About Bobby Jon Hook Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy in the Cotswold by a leading hypnotherapist with experience in most issues. Offering a free initial consultation and can off hypnosis through skype.

Hypnosis relaxes the conscious part of the mind while stimulating and focusing on the subconscious part. This is called the trance state. We go into a trance state many times during the day e.g Whilst watching television, reading a book or driving your car. Have you ever driven to a destination and cannot fully remember the journey? If you answered yes its because you were in a light trance state, able to respond if needed but as if your mind is somewhere else. The great thing about trance is that our mind works four times harder when we are in this state.

Most of my life I have worked in customer focused sales and marketing roles. I worked long hours and found my life very stressful. All this changed when I met with a friend of the family who had qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She showed me how I think determines how I feel and how I feel influences the world around me.

Just from understanding what makes us think the way we do, I realised that I can have a better life. It started to open my mind and I realised that life can be so much more fulfilling. With that I trained at the highly respected and top hypnotherapy training clinic in England, The Clifton Practice

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