Alphanumaric Stickers for Jetskis, PWC, Personal Water Craft, Boats, Motorcycles and More!


What We Do!

Stiffie provides the world''s #1 registration numbering sticker system & alphanumeric identification serial number sticker system & apparel for all your marine, pwc personal water craft, boat, jet ski, motorcycle & motocross needs with brand name stickers such as AirBlock, Hardline, Shift, Slash, Stingray, Uniline, Waveline & Whipline.

Our Services

  • registration numbers
  • identification stickers
  • alphanumeric stickers
  • alphanumeric boat decals
  • alphanumeric id stickers
  • alphanumeric id decals
  • identification stickers

About Stiffe

Stiffe Brand is the originator of the Alphanumeric Identification System. Stiffie decal kits are also known as boat registration numbers or decals but they are made to meet any registration application. Whether you have a Boat, Personal Watercraft or Snowmobile, Stiffie Alphanumeric Identification decal kits have you covered.

As most of you, when you fi­nd something you are excited about you dive into it. Way back before this all started, we discovered that there were very few companies offering products for the personal watercraft and boating market that were as cool as what was available to the Moto industry. If we wanted cool swag, edgy gear, or kick ass designs we were on our own. That is when STIFFIE became an idea and subsequently the company that it is today. From the beginning it was made clear that we were not here to follow anyone’s rule. This company was born out of necessity and a desire to produce not only a better product, but one you can identify with. Form, function, quality, and style is STIFFIE BRAND. We do it by leading the way.

All these years later we started to look at this company and tried to ­figure out what our next dynamic thing would be. We believe our 2013 product line up will be viewed as the ReBirth of STIFFIE and our brand. Moving forward, the STIFFIE company image and product line will reflect our renewed commitment to the philosophies of old. It is time to push limits again. It is time to innovate. It is time to produce fresh design ideas and cutting edge products. Look for our passion and vigorous commitment to following our own lead in 2013 and beyond.

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