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What We Do!

We now carry the sought after Triton jewelry brand. These are some of the highest quality, most durable mens rings.

Our Services

  • Wedding Rings
  • Wedding Bands
  • exquisite and stunning tungsten carbide rings
  • titanium
  • cobalt
  • sterling silver
  • and stainless steel

About Mitch Clintsen

Our tungsten rings.com website carries hundreds of unique mens and womens rings. This is your one stop online shopping store.

Since 2004 Tungsten Rings.com has been selling not just exquisite tungsten carbide but all types of men’s rings from cobalt to titanium and even stainless steel – products chosen with the utmost care and attention to every small detail. We have added a series of dynamic promotions on the site ranging from 10% to $100 off – make sure you use the Coupon Code associated with any current promotions we are running! The booming success of this site is due in primarily a result of two major decisions when the online store was originally activated: first, we made to carry only the finest ring products anywhere in the world and second, we made the decision to make sure the customer comes first – that they are delighted not just with the fantastic products but also with the prices and mostly with the awesome and focused delightful customer experience! Along with the decision to carry only the finest products we made the decision when we first opened the store, as mentioned, we made the decision to treat our customers using thre Golden Rule – which is NEVER out of date or out of style.

We believe and have found that if customers trust you, respect the quality of your products, then they buy – whether it is brick and mortar stores or an online experience such as at tungstenrings.com. We have taken great lengths to ensure that our customers know upfront how we will treat them – we have all policies clearly and forthrightly spelled out on the FAQ tab on the home page. We try and anticipate customer’s questions and hopefully they are answered as truthfully as we know how on our home page not just under the FAQ tab, but also under other informative tabs. What about pricing? We have done our homework and while we may not be the cheapest prices on each ring, we are FAR UNDER the retailers in price and we try and beat the online competition as well! We ask ourselves how much is enough to make per product and how much do we need to stay in business and continue offering delightful customer experiences - this might mean that we are more or less than another online seller but as mentioned we try and not just competitive with online sellers but to really beat the brick and mortar stores. We have been asked before - how can you sell for so cheap when the retailer was charging so much more? And the answer is straightforward and simple. Overhead. We have little overhead when compared the retailers who have to pay high rent and employee costs with benefits and signage and marketing and supplies and mall fees, etc.

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1634 E Sandhill Drive
Washington, Utah 84780 US

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