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Bird and Knoll produces photograph patterned cashmere scarves and luxurious oversized cashmere blend scarves - the perfect everyday and travel accessory for any journey. Shop online. Free global shipping.

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About Bird and Knoll Pty Ltd

Bird and knoll was founded by Macayla Chapman and Natalie Knoll in 2013. Both dynamic duos having Natalies talent behind the camera and Macaylas creative business background having a broad experience in New Zealand with the most successful fashion businesses. Collaboration focuses on combining tactile, quality textiles and finishes with distinct photographic images to create a beautiful brand of lux accessories. Each of their luxurious oversized cashmere-blend scarves is printed with a photograph of an iconic and exotic destination " a narrative of the modern womans contemporary lifestyle and travel aspirations. we have set out to create an accessories collection that the discerning fashionista would use as the final edit of her outfit " like a great handbag, a beautiful pair of shoes, an eye-catching scarf says Chapman these are pieces that simplify her life with their versatility, quality and creative impact.

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