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At Pacific Shore Stones, we recognize the significance of using exotic natural stones as sustainable green building material. For over 10 years now, we import and distribute natural stone from the finest quarries around the globe. With us, you are bound to find only superior-quality, environment-friendly stones! If it is natural stone you need, don’t think beyond Pacific Shore stones! For details, visit &

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Want to experience the beauty of the worlds most exotic natural stones? At Pacific Shore Stones, we have spent over 10 years developing our range of materials that make the heart stop with their natural beauty. Our reputation for natural stones is unsurpassed and we are able to source materials from the finest quarries around the globe. Launched in 2001, we are now the leading American importer and wholesaler of exotic natural stones. With our vast network of suppliers from Italy, Brazil, Spain, Turkey, and India, no exotic stone is out of our reach! From granite, marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, quartzite, soapstone, and engineered stone slabs to any other lesser known natural stone- weve got everything!

With thirteen company-owned distribution centers across the nation, we maintain an inventory of 120+ stone colors, ready to deliver! Whether youre builders, wholesalers, retailers, or landscapers, you are sure to be impressed by the hand-picked expert quality of our exotic natural stones. All our natural stone products are perfected to excellence in the finest factories around the globe!

We specialize in all scales of projects and can cater our stone sizes to your needs! To create outstanding spaces with exotic natural stones of only the highest grade and unbeatable prices, please visit If its exotic natural stone youre looking for, then we are your premier destination!

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