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Law Books & Legal Forms the premier source for self-help law books and books for small business! The pioneer publisher of self-help law titles in North America when we launched our first Divorce Guide in 1971.

Our Services

  • Write Your Own Will
  • Write Your Own Medical Directive
  • Write Your Own Prenuptial Aggrement
  • Write Your Own Separation Agreements
  • Incorporate Your Busines
  • Law Books
  • Legal Forms

About Self-Counsel Press

Self-Counsel Press books and forms kits are designed to help you help yourself, whether you are writing a will, completing an uncontested divorce, starting a new business, managing an existing business, or dealing with tax and financial issues. Books, kits and forms to help you make a will, prepare a medical directive, do your own uncontested divorce, write prenuptial and separation agreements, incorporate your business, or handle the probate of a will on your own.

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