What We Do!

Welcome to CraftLucky ! Browse our website and enjoy our wonderful selection of handcraft products made in Brazil Minas Gerais estate.
CraftLucky handmade craft itself reflects the variety and the beauty, caracteristics of that region.

Our Services

  • Funny Doll craft
  • Clown and Broom Witch
  • Practical Object Craft
  • Religious Saints craft
  • Home Decoration craft
  • Miniature Comics Craft
  • Religious Statuettes


CraftLucky offers amazing prices on handicraft items such as Mini Figurines, SoapStones, Patchwork, Religious Statuettes and more. Our products are made in Brazil, Minas Gerais estate and Ouro Petro city well known for its mining culture and considered as a World Heritage site by Unesco. This strong culture has created an abundance of highly skilled artisans who take great pride making these amazing products we now offer to you

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