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An Air Pinch Valve, mainly used as shut off valve, opens and closes via air pressure.

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  • Isolating Powder
  • Conveying Granulates
  • Isolating and Dosing Flour
  • Low-wear with Pinch Valves
  • AKO Air Pinch Valves
  • Isolating Powder Air Pinch Valves
  • Manufacturing Air Pinch Valves


Air operated Pinch Valve
The solution for isolating and regulating/metering abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products such as granulates, powder, pellets, dust and liquids containing solids, etc. Function of Air operated Pinch Valve: Air operated Pinch Valve
Supplying compressed air/fluid (minimum pressure difference 2 bar) into the casing of the air operated Pinch Valve compresses the sleeve, which is specially manufactured with high rebound elasticity. The bodys design guarantees that the sleeve can close freely to form a lip shape. This ensures that the product flow is completely sealed off tight and that the sleeve is guaranteed the longest service life at the same time.

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