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What We Do! is the world's largest producer of free online guitar lesson videos. Browse our collection of free guitar lessons in a variety of difficulty levels and genres. If you like the content of our free lessons, try one of our premium guitar lessons that will take a more in depth look at guitar techniques, solos, or other concepts.

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  • Free Online Guitar Lessons
  • Online Guitar Lesson Videos
  • Free Guitar Lessons
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About is the world's largest producer of free online guitar lesson videos. You will find over 150 free online video lessons on this site and even more text only lessons. We hope that these lessons will help improve your guitar playing and also give you an idea of the level of instruction we offer. For longer and more in depth lessons, you can check our series of premium downloads. Many of our free lessons provide examples of how to play along with specific tracks from our Let's Jam! CDs. These are a series of jam tracks that supply the rhythm for you to solo over

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Bill E. - [Phoenix, AZ]
I enjoyed the lessons I purchased from Free Guitar Videos, I was able to integrate what I learned into my playing right away, I also received an MP3 jam track with each lesson that I am able to practice with at any time. Over all, I am excited to start playing again, thanks FGV.