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Our comprehensive Online Dating is designed to move you through the dating process on your own while our Private Matchmaking Services are custom designed to work with each client one-on-one as a personal headhunter of love.

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Pioneering the dating industry in Online Introductions and Private Matchmaking Services for gay men and women, myPartner caters to sophisticated, cultured and relationship oriented clients. Unlike other gay dating services, myPartner is a relationship based matchmaking service. myPartner was created by gay relationship expert Patrick H. Perrine, MA to help foster each member's ability to not only find the right partner but to develop a relationship that fits their specific needs and wants.

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Russell D - [San Francisco, CA]
As a businessman I like professionalism - and thats what I found at myPartner. From start to finish, the matchmaking process was totally streamlined, discreet and exciting!

Donald B - [San Diego, CA]
I came to myPartner with a really unique request and I was not sure that a matchmaker would be able to find what I was looking for in a partner, but the personalized matchmaking plans allowed us to work together and meet my needs.

Ernie - [Las Vegas, NV]
So I have to say I was a bit uncomfortable and nervous trying a dating website because I prefer to meet guys through friends or family. Now I think [myPartner] was what I waiting for! Within a week I met someone really amazing and have been with him for the past two months. I am excited about where my relationship is headed and just wanted to say THANK YOU myPartner for helping me find a great partner.