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No matter what anyone tells you the key to achieving solid rank for your websites is 10% on-page optimization (content on your pages) and 90% off-page optimization... in other words, the key to top search engine rankings is garnering quality, one-way, in-bound LINKS

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LinkVana is a Next Generation linking service that takes your snippets of original & unique content that you control, that are relevant to your sites topics and automatically propagates your snippets across our large network of Blogs. These snippets will have a link to any page you choose embedded within them. This network is not just a collection of rag-tag sites that are in the bottom of a closet gathering dust, these blogs are special. Not only are they on a ton of different C Class IP addresses, but they also have 1 or more of the following factors:

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Terry Edwards - [~]
I'm ALREADY seeing results. I am loving Linkvana. I've been working some of my older sites with adding links in the system and I'm ALREADY seeing results. In fact, I've went from page 2 to position 6 on page 1 for one very nice keyword in an affiliate niche. And that was with only 8 posts. I see a LOT of potential.