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The Bed Bug Patch works by reducing and offsetting the levels of CO2 emitted out through your skin. It puts to use Vitamin B1 to mask the Bed Bug attracting scent. That scent which resonates outward through your skin, gets blocked by an essential barrier that is insulated by the use of our patch.

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The BedBug Patch delivers up to 36 hours total body protection to reduce or prevent BedBug bites. The Thiamin B 1 - based formula is completely natural and provides convenient protection without the smell or mess of sprays. Commonly taken orally as a vitamin supplement with recognized health benefits, Thiamin is eliminated not only in the urine but is excreted through perspiration as well. Using the skin's unique ability to absorb and release, The BedBug Patch delivers a far more efficient dosage of the B 1 supplement, maximizing protection from BedBugs.

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Richard Fletcher - []
I Love this product. It does everything it says and is totally safe for me and my family, Thank you!