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The Estate Plan-

The Estate Plan

The Estate Plan in Miami, Florida is a dedicated team of legal professionals that provides a personalized, efficient, and reasonably-priced estate plans to clients in the surrounding areas. The Estate Plan 135 San Lorenzo Ave Suite #750 Coral Gables, FL 33146 (305) 677-8489

Estate Planning Services

Effective estate planning in Florida entails taking care of all situations arising after your passing. Moving assets into a trust, acquiring life insurance, or changing beneficiary designations on your IRAs and insurance policies might be necessary. In such cases, you can get additional guidance from your estate planning attorney on what actions to take. Typical estate planning documents include: A will specifies who should inherit your property and money upon your passing. Without your will, your possessions will immediately pass to your family under the state’s rules, which may not reflect your priorities. A trust manages the assets on behalf of the beneficiaries. Trusts are frequently created to safeguard assets, evade probate, or reduce taxes. In the event of your incapacity, powers of attorney enable someone else to handle your finances, make decisions, and sign a document on your behalf. Estate planning is easy to put off, but when you make a plan for your family and business, you can be at peace knowing that you’ve taken the best possible care of both your company and your loved ones. Estate Planning In Coral Gables & Miami FL Don’t wait for the future to happen; make it happen. Start with estate planning and hit your goals with the help of an estate planning attorney. Together, you can both develop a legal strategy to achieve your objectives, which may include: Maintaining your personal space and dignity. Having the ability to make choices regarding your health and finances while still able. Avoiding or reducing estate taxes and probate costs. Saving time and expense of a court-supervised guardianship by appointing a guardian before the need arises. This is especially helpful for families with minor children or family members with special needs. Don’t try to play attorney by filling out forms you find online or at the office supply store. These are boilerplate forms and are not personalized for your situation and needs. There is also the considerable risk of mistakes while preparing the documents making your estate planning arrangements invalid. Without a signature, estate plans are useless, and some documents, like wills, must be executed in the presence of two witnesses to be legally binding. For directions on witnessing, notarizing, or signing the documents, listen to experienced estate planning attorneys. Get qualified legal counsel and invest in the future by doing things correctly the first time. They can advise you on Florida state laws regarding the validity of the will and its requirements. Hire An Estate Attorney Near You If you’ve been putting off matters like business succession plans, creating trusts, and estate planning in Florida, it’s time to take action. With the Internet, finding services in any area is very easy. Most people find it helpful to use the words “best estate attorney near me” when searching for an estate planning attorney in their city. However, there’s more to it than just picking the first result on Google’s results page. You need an estate attorney with proven efficiency and an excellent track record. Our excellent team of estate attorneys at The Estate Plan in Florida handles everything from simple wills and powers of attorney to more complex estate plans, including trusts, guardianship arrangements, and more. We strive to ensure your wishes are carried out exactly as you want them — especially if something unexpected happens. Visit The Estate Plan at our offices to get started on your estate planning journey.