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Granite Countertop
Starting at $400

Granite Countertop Tired of those out-dated countertops. Time to modernize with granite....

English Beech Laminate Flooring

English Beech Laminate Flooring English beech laminate flooring is the most classic and best seller of all the beech laminate floor décor papers. You’ll find English beech in the stock of almost every laminate flooring supplier around the world. Mos...

Vineyard Cherry Laminate Flooring

Vineyard Cherry Laminate Flooring Vineyard cherry laminate flooring is a beautiful colour from our range of cherry laminate floor. If you’re a big fan of cherry then you may also be interested in another scrumptious style of cherry laminate flooring such as Brazilian ...

Natural Maple Laminate Flooring

Natural Maple Laminate Flooring Natural maple laminate flooring features a simple, elegant and sleek grain. We’ve showcased six styles of maple laminate floors on our website including spalted maple, light maple, rustic maple, honey maple and Spanish Maple. Don&rsq...

Black Walnut Laminate Flooring

Black Walnut Laminate Flooring Black walnut laminate flooring features a detailed wood grain that carries a vivid contrast between light and black wood grains. In the past, older people were more attracted to black walnut flooring because the darker colour appealed to them more, h...

Rustic Oak Laminate Flooring

Rustic Oak Laminate Flooring Get the rustic look with rustic oak laminate flooring. Compared with hardwood rustic oak flooring, rustic oak laminate flooring will save you a heap load of headaches because of its high durability and easy maintenance. Oak laminate flooring as a cl...

Harvest Oak Laminate Flooring

Harvest Oak Laminate Flooring Harvest oak laminate flooring is an absolute classic design from our portfolio of Oak laminate flooring décor papers. As oak has been one of the most worldwide used flooring materials for centuries it has dozens of different types ac...

Knotty Pine Laminate Flooring

Knotty Pine Laminate Flooring Knotty pine laminate flooring will transport you deep into the woodland and connect you with the beauty of nature. Characterized by a warm hue and unique wood grain, knotty pine laminate flooring can make your home look cleaner, larger and more natur...

Light Maple Laminate Flooring

Light Maple Laminate Flooring Being the lightest of our maple laminate flooring décor paper collection, light maple laminate flooring is a fresh and simple style that will make dark furniture really stand out. It is a good choice of colour if you want other elements of the...

Spalted Maple Laminate Flooring

Spalted Maple Laminate Flooring Maple is a wood species that grows in cold areas. Spalted maple is similar to oak but the wood elasticity is better than oak. Due to the unique wood grain, spalted maple is becoming more and more popular as a wood color and spalted maple laminate flo...

Antique Oak Laminate Flooring

Antique Oak Laminate Flooring We are OEM manufacturers of antique oak laminate flooring, which is also called antique oak flooring, a timeless design from our collection of oak laminate flooring. This décor paper mimics a real antique oak beautifully with its many rings an...

Red Oak Laminate Flooring

Red Oak Laminate Flooring Because oak laminate flooring is arguably the most commonly purchased species in the laminate flooring market, we’ve ensured our selection of oak design paper is furtive. If red oak laminate flooring is the colour for you then be sure to add it...