Allstate Roofing Inc-

Allstate Roofing Inc

Allstate Roofing offers full-service roofing services to homeowners and businesses in and around Peoria, Arizona. We perform Peoria roof repairs on all types of roofing, from popular tile roofs to traditional shingle roofs to commercial-grade foam roofs. We guarantee our work so you know that you can trust the repairs will help strengthen your roof and extend its life. As roofs age, repairs may not be possible or practical. When that happens, we offer Peoria re-roofing for your home or business. An experienced Peoria AZ roofer can evaluate your structure to provide recommendations about the best roof to meet your needs and your budget. With re-roofing, you’ll get a roof that will last you a couple of decades or more, helping you to protect your home or business and to get the best return on your investment.

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Shingle Roofing

Shingle Roofs are a popular choice for Ahwatukee, Arizona homes. They are extremely affordable and have a pretty good lifespan. But sometimes they do get damaged, especially during monsoon season. A strong rain, can wash away an excessive amount of granules, while high winds can blow off shingles altogether. If your shingle roof suffers from one or the other, call your Shingle Roof Experts at Allstate Roofing. We know shingle roofs and can repair any damage on your shingle roof and prevent bigger problems from coming up down the road.