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My AZ Lawyers-

My AZ Lawyers

At My AZ Lawyers, our trusted Tucson lawyers excel at guiding clients past strong emotions to create detailed and realistic agreements, or make decisions about when to go to court and how to best represent your case.

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Choosing a divorce attorney is an important part of a successful divorce. It seems like many people are looking for a “bulldog” attorney or an attorney who is aggressive, a fighter, and no nonsense. When our Arizona family law staff hear this (and we often do), it makes us shudder. Talented attorneys, like those on our staff at My AZ Lawyers, don’t need to unnecessarily fight or sling mud in order to achieve a successful outcome to a divorce. We are by no means saying that our attorneys won’t vigorously represent our client, we just know that as divorce attorneys we must separate feelings and emotions in order to achieve the best outcome for our clients. Additionally, our family law team has represented thousands of people in Arizona who were filing for divorce.