Arizona Ceramic Coatings-

Arizona Ceramic Coatings

AZ Ceramic Coatings is a trusted, five star rated Arizona ceramic coating company that offers a wide variety of ceramic coating options for every surface of your vehicle. Keeping it protected from the harsh environment vehicles endure - Sun, hard water, harsh chemicals, pollution fallout, bug bodies, tree sap and bird droppings.

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Ceramic Coatings

Arizona Ceramic Coating’s Team has done countless hours of research and testing from all of the major brands in the industry today. The truth is, like many other products, there is a wide and varying degree of quality and performance. From spray on, do-it-yourself, products … to professional grade products available only through certified installers. We look for NET thickness added to the clear coat, true durability and warranty terms with no “catch” or fine print”, and most importantly the science that goes into developing them. Enter our partners and brand of choice, Feynlab USA – The industry’s original and USA based laboratory for automotive paint coatings.