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Bounce House, Inflatable & Party Rentals York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Hershey & more!-

Bounce House, Inflatable & Party Rentals York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Hershey & more!

3 Monkeys Inflatables York, PA Entertainment based organization with the concentration to bring Inflatable and Entertainment Rentals at reasonable estimating without giving up the quality, and cleanliness! 3 Monkeys Inflatables was founded in 2007. Our Inflatable and Entertainment Rentals include, bounce house rentals,Combo moon bounce rentals, Dunk Tanks, Food Concessions, Video Gaming Rentals, Carnival Games, Movie Screen Rentals, Driving Simulators, Carnival Games.

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How to find the perfect event rental for your party

We often see this come up with our customers where they really don't know what exactly they want. They want to make their event special. They want to be the superstar in their family and friends' eyes where guests are excited about the item(s) they chose or the guest of honor is excited, but because there are so many choices these days it's hard to know what will be that slam dunk. First, off we remind our customers to keep in mind that your guest of honor and guests have no idea of the choices we had available for you to choose from so whether you go big or choose to go slighter smaller there are no signs that say "oh no they could have gone bigger" so they will be happy with the choice you make when it is there blown up looking so fun there won't be a question. Secondly, you know your guest of honor or guest best. You know their likes and dislikes which is a huge benefit in figuring out what they might prefer without having to ask them. You might ask yourself first: Does my guest of honor like extreme interactive fun or are they more reserved and need something a little less daring• What is the age of my participants• What is the energy level of my participants• What type of weather are you expecting for the day of the event• What type of ground surface are we setting up on• Do you have access to power and possibly water on-site within 100ft• How many guests do you have coming that you need to entertain• Will you need seating, tents, games, and concessions to cover activities and placing for people to hang out• What is your budget on this event• After you have answered those questions we then have a direction, and idea of where to look on the website to find that perfect combination that will delight everyone coming to your event. We can even provide pictures so you can create an Evite invitation or Facebook invitation that will get guests excited or keep it a surprise! Once you have an idea of what you might want or need help deciding what to narrow it down to you may want to reach out to the rental company you are working with and ask them some questions regarding their inventory and if those item(s) are available, stalk their Facebook and Youtube pages to see if they have some pictures and content out there of the items you are considering and read about it on their websites. It's ideal to contact the company and have them send you a few quotes based on what you were needing and getting any input from them on what you're looking for and what you have narrowed down to...sometimes companies have ideas that may work even better for your party you might not have considered so it's always best before booking to speak to a sales rep and find out more about the items you are considering and see if they suggest anything else that might be a fun time as well. 3 Monkeys Inflatables works with you to create amazing events within your budget that will have gone over those questions with you to ensure we understand more about your wants and needs for this special day. We will make suggestions and guide you through the booking process ensuring you have all the power and/or water needs you may need on-site beforehand so your party is relaxing and fun and not stressful with surprises on site. It's important to work with a company that not only have a great inventory but is well organized and have direction for you in preparing you for the rental day. It's also important they are registered with the state they are operating in, have an insurance policy they can show you that is at least 1 Million+, carry commercial auto, workers comp, and have some type of training program for their staff so ensure your setup is properly setup. When it comes to safety you want to see that as a front line item within the company you are using. Lots of businesses are safe forward but there are lots of businesses that are not. It's weeding out the ones who are not and spotting issues that are not always easy to do. One of the best ways is asking those questions regarding the insurance policies and training programs and seeing their immediate responses. Check their social media and youtube pages to see if they spotlight safety and cleaning on any of their pages. See what customer reviews say and if they further identify any issues or problems, or re-affirm that this is the right company for you. Realize that anyone with a 5-star review and all positive feedback is probably a false positive and that a real company with real reviews will probably have one or two customers who might have a beef with a company. See if the company responded to how you would like a company to respond and matches up with your standards to make for a good fit.