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Writing Your Description In The Business Directory This is the feature that allows you to tell internet users on the directories and search engines what your business is all about. You have the freedom to be creative and set a catchy piece, where the goal is to win customers over and get them to click through to your site, or pick up the phone and give you a call. The basic information- the company name, address, operation hours, phone number, acceptable payments- all that information is submitted on other sections of the listing, so you don’t need to repeat it here. Besides, there is usually a limit on the number of characters you can use, and you don't want to waste them. Here is how too about the description in your business directory Ireland listing: • Follow the set guidelines This is a bare minimum. Stick to the rules of the directory on which you're posting the description. These can vary, but generally include aspects like: don't add links, or display offensive content - the harassing kind, obscene, violence, profanity, and other kinds of explicit content, and don't add content which promotes the sale of illegal merchandise. You are also required to be honest. Do not provide any information that may mislead the readers about the products and services you offer. Be upfront, focusing on content that will enable consumers get a deeper understanding about your business. This can include your products, mission of the business, and even some history about it. • Optimizing your description What separates you from your competitors? Add this information here. You can also add keywords that are relevant to your business to boost the ranking in the search results- but don’t stuff the description with keywords. It should read naturally. Your main target here is the internet user. In the same breath, don't use ALL CAPS. No one wants to feel like you’re shouting at them. Note that special offers and sales pitches- like "30% off"- don’t go here. The directories have a different feature where you can include these. In addition, be sure to mention your city/service area in the description. This is for local SEO. Note that in the search results, the description gets cut off- the reader will need to expand the listing or click through to the profile to read the rest of it. It is therefore vital that you more the most important information towards the front part of the description. Don't spam. Use different descriptions for different business listings- so don’t go copy-pasting one description everywhere. It would be doing yourself a disservice. It’s recommended that you keep the different descriptions in a separate spreadsheet, where you can track them. That way, whenever you want to make a change, you can refer back to where you had posted it. • Character limits The description doesn’t allow you to write an essay. It's meant to be short and sweet. You can have a limit- like 750 characters, so you’ll need to be careful with how you use it. It's just like when you were creating the meta-title for your website. The limit is with good reason. You want to create a description that will grab the reader's attention, but not so much information that you overwhelm them and turn them away. Fastdeal Business Directory

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Reputation Management With Online Business Directory Listings In today’s online world, reviews are integral to any business. Whether you're a small start-up gaining traction in a competitive niche, or you’re an already established brand with a strong grip on the market- your reputation can make or break your future prospects. You want to be able to maintain a positive image, and increase the trust that customers have in your business. When your satisfied customers leave glowing reviews, these help in driving up the sales and even ranking higher on search engine result pages. How do online directories help• Customer Review Platforms The directories are not just a collection of information about your business- the basics like name, address and phone number, plus items like operation hours, special products and offers. They also allow customers to place reviews about your business- and there are those whose features enable the reviews to be made in real-time, as your customers experience your service. You want to be able to manage these reviews, plus get statistics and other crucial data that you need about your customers. It’s also important that you address any negative reviews that crop up. It is impossible to ensure that all reviews you obtain are 5-star. After all, no business in history has ever delivered perfect services all the time. Negative reviews do not spell doom and gloom for your business. They provide valuable feedback, especially on areas in your product or service delivery that need to be addressed. For instance, perhaps a customer was dissatisfied by a delay in shipping of an item, or they came to your consultancy office and didn’t find a conducive waiting area. This can be taken in stride, allowing you to enhance the efficiency of your operations. What’s more, you can use the negative reviews on the business listings to your advantage, taking the opportunity to show the readers that you care about your customers. This is by how you approach the issue. After analysing the situation, acknowledge your responsibility to the reviewer, and take steps to resolve the issue amicably. It is vital that you take a professional approach, noting that your goal is to address the concerns raised, and prevent issues from escalating into an online brawl. Needless to say, there will occasionally be trolls looking for attention- but don’t sweat about them. Shoppers and potential customers looking through your reviews will be able to tell a genuine customer complaint from an online bully simply looking for attention. In addition, getting more positive reviews dampens out the effects of the negative ones. Building A Relationship With Your Customers Engaging with your customers through reviews is a good way to build a sustainable relationship. When addressing the issues raised, you can do it directly on the review platform in full glare of the public, which will enable you to showcase your customer service skills. Alternatively, you can choose to contact them through direct message, via phone or email. After resolving the issue with the dissatisfied customer, remember to ask them to update the review with the new state of affairs. That way your potential customers will see that you go to lengths to ensure that their needs will be taken care of. Fastdeal Business Directory