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Sofa Cleaning Dublin

Sofa Cleaning Dublin Dublin Sofa Cleaning is a professional sofa cleaning contractor based in Co Dublin. Our company operates since 2007 and we are highly recommended by hundreds of commercial and domestic sofa cleaning customers. We provide a friendly sofa cleaning service %38 highly affordable rates. DUblin Sofa Cleaning uses the best technology and the best sofa cleaning equipment available in Ireland. We specialise in deep sofa cleaning services and fabric protectors. We can deep clean any type of sofas in any condition. We are happy to provide free no obligation estimates. Leather Sofa Cleaning Services Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services We can guarantee you that only eco friendly sofa cleaning shampoos will be used to deep clean and disinfect your sofa. 1 hour drying time guaranteed for all fabric sofas. We also deep clean and polish leather sofas. We use professional leather cleaning products from Craftex %38 Prochem. Old and tired furniture can be restored to a new like condition. Dublin Sofa Cleaning is not a one man sofa cleaning company. We can contract any size project sofa cleaning from domestic and commercial customers. We can achieve results where other sofa cleaning contractors have failed. Why not book our professional services online right now? Have your sofa restored within 24 hours! Sofa Cleaning Dublin

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Sofa Cleaning & Disinfection

Why Dirty Sofas Are A Health Risk Have you ever thought of the pathogens that could be crawling around in your sofa• Whether it's in homes or business premises, the furniture collects germs that put the persons using them at risk. The sofa arm itself can have more than 12 times more bacteria compared to a typical toilet seat. Really makes you rethink that relaxing time you have been having on it, doesn`t it• Where do the germs come from• First, there are those that are on the food crumbs and spills that accidentally wind up in the furniture as people snack on it. These are also responsible for the decaying of the organic matter, resulting in odours emanating from the sofa. Then there are those that are transferred onto it by the insects, and even rodents, that come out in the cover of darkness to feast on the food crumbs. Speaking of which, these creatures also deposit faecal waste, that adds to the germ population in your favourite sofa. Add to these the bacteria contained in the body waste of the thousands of dust mites harboured in the furniture. There are also those items that dropped on the sofa, like the infamous remote that keeps getting lost between the cushions. The remote is handled by almost everyone in the household, keeps falling, sneezed and coughed on, and even covered in sticky messes such as peanut butter. In fact, the remote controller is in the run for the dirtied item in the household. Germs can live on the remove for an entire day. When it`s on the sofa, some of these are transferred onto the cushions, increasing the infestation. Toys and game consoles also factor in. With the former, they are 1.5 times dirtier than toilet seas, while the latter can clock in over 7800 bacteria per 15 square inches. When these items are placed on the sofa, germs inevitably get rubbed onto those warm and cosy cushions, putting you and the rest of the persons using the sofa at risk. Handbags are also germ-carriers. As you go about your daily activities, heading to work, visiting public parks, offices, restaurants, and even washrooms, the handbag is a great companion. However, in each of these places, it goes picking up pathogens whenever it's placed on the surfaces. Then there's the stuff that`s inside it, from phones, residue from snacks, handkerchiefs and makeup, all through to loose change. The soft material of the handbags enables them to easily horde the bacteria, and turn it to a breeding ground. When you get home, throwing the handbag onto the sofa can lead to more germs ending up on it, intensifying the health risk. Regular sofa cleaning will take away the dangers that your family is being exposed to. Germs are not the only cause for concern with dirty sofas. There are also: Contaminants and pollutants Are there smokers in the household• The sofa absorbs the smoke generated from cigarettes, holding it in its absorbent fibres. The smoke can also be as a result of cooking activities. When laying back to relax on your set, one then inhales the smoke, further putting his or her health at risk. Back to the handbags, and this time let's include the entire clothes a person wears when outdoors. The fibres of the material pick up compounds from the environment that one visits, from paint jobs, air sprays, and even vehicle exhaust. These end up being transferred onto the sofa when they take a seat. A thorough sofa cleaning will ensure they are removed from the furniture, allowing you to use it with peace of mind. Dust and other allergens Dust particles that are naturally floating around the indoor air space, plus those that are blown into the building by wind, gradually settle on the surfaces in the room- which includes the sofa. As the concentration increases, you find yourself coughing and sneezing whenever you’re using the couch. There are also allergens like pollen grains, all through to the faecal residue from dust mites, which lead to various reactions once inhaled or when they get into contact with a pearsons skin. They trigger asthma attacks, and worsen conditions like bronchitis, eczema and hives. You don`t want your family living with these conditions. Call in our professional sofa cleaning team to enhance the health standards of your set.

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