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One of the things that more and more people are looking for these days are alternative options of conventional pharmacological treatments such as cannabis. We have long recognized that need, and thus began looking for options ourselves more than a decade ago. Herbal Pantry was born out of a personal interest in natural and organic options for pain, stress and anxiety, and with the encouragement and support of our early clients, the business catapulted to what it is today: one of leading and most trusted dispensaries for mail order cannabis in Canada offering a variety of cannabis products to suit the growing demand for it. For more visit https://herbalpantry.ca/

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Cannaisseur CO2 Oil - Herbal Pantry

Cannaisseur CO2 Oil 1g Approximately 60% THC. These CO2 Oils boast unbeatable flavour and cannabinoid content, as pure as it gets for cannabis extraction. Shop now at https://herbalpantry.ca/product/cannaisseur-co2-oil/. Price: $50.00 CAD

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