Green City Waste Management Equipment and Systems-

Green City Waste Management Equipment and Systems

If you need custom made dumpster or wheelie bin Green City is the right place for you. Our key motivation is to satisfy all clients requests. We have developed the cutting-edge equipment for solid and liquid waste processing and recycling. Our equipment is field-tested to offer best servicing time and durability. GCI waste management equipment is well known for its durability and ruggedness, we have what it takes to handle even the “heaviest” of waste.

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Skip Containers

Our skips are manufactured by reinforcing steel plates and with galvanization furnishing. Lifting hooks are a made of reinforced steel welded to the side reinforcement square pipes. Galvanization furnishing prolongs the life span of our equipment. That is the reason why you can use the same dumpster for many years to come. Usage: Designed for a wide range of recycling materials and general waste including heavy and bulky materials, waste materials from construction and demolition.

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