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we want to help your day to run as smoothly as possible and for you to feel confident in the catering service behind your engagement party or wedding reception in AU.

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Ex. Dessert menu

Dessert menu

• Variations of chocolate, chocolate mousse mint chocolate spray, stretched chocolate caramel, dehydrated chocolate mousse GF/V
• Passion fruit tart with its own macaroon, passion and clove coulis, edible blooms V
• Rolled fig, truffle honey panna cotta, manuka honey air GF/V
• Pistachio cake, macerated strawberries, goats curd and vanilla maple cream V
• Tonka bean bread a butter pudding, sweetened chestnut cream, malt meringue V
• Chilled vanilla rice pudding, blackberry compote, polenta wafer V
• Premium cheese with, baby fig preserve, fruit paste, fresh pear, wafers V
• Display of premium cheese to share served with preserved baby figs, fruit paste, fresh pear, wafers V

Glass menu

• Caramalised white chocolate mousse, honey comb, dried blueberry slices GF/V
• Pistachio and griottine cherry, pistachio meringue, pistachio bavarois
• Mango and coconut, tapioca pearls, toasted coconut crumble