Foundation Flooring-

Foundation Flooring

Foundation Flooring offers flooring materials for residential, commercial, remodeling, and new construction projects from brands you know at the best prices. We carry bamboo, engineered hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile, vinyl/resilient, natural stone, and solid hardwood flooring from latest trends and styles at our 5000 square foot showroom in Pompano Beach, FL, where knowledgeable and friendly staf

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Tile is made from natural minerals and materials. It is stamped with a pattern to look like stone, marble, or even wood. It is fired at extremely hot temperatures and comes in two forms: Ceramic and Porcelain. The main difference is that ceramic tiles absorb water at a higher retention rate then porcelain tile. This means that ceramic tile is more likely to chip and crack. Porcelain is a much stronger, durable material, suited for indoor and outdoor applications. Some tiles come rectified, which means they can be laid with a 1/16 grout joint (approx. thickness of a credit card). Other features to consider when purchasing tile are texture, finish, through body coloring, size, variations in color, and pattern.