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Semeru Bike Center

Semeru Bike Centre has been established since 1998, located in eastern Java town of Malang. If you want to find the quality bike from a variety of famous brands and spare parts, Semeru Bike Centre is the right place. During the course of this store we continue to provide the best service and response to customers. We created a ground breaking professional bicycle business. Passionate sales per

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Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-Way Fit Wheelset

Red spokes, black rims: wheels that are absolutely unmistakeable in the middle of the peleton. Two powerful colours and exclusive technology stand out from the crowd and make these wheels unique in terms of performance and personality. Racing Zero wheels are at the top of the Fulcrum® range. 

The very latest 2-Way Fit™ (Tubeless & Clincher) version is fitted without tubes, mostly to the advantage of safety and comfort but also in terms of performance. This is an advantageous product which offers a double choice, allowing you to choose the benefits of tubeless or the practicality of clincher tyres.Thanks to Ultra-Fit Tubeless technology, the use of the tubeless tires drastically improves smoothness and reduces the risk of snake biting on rough roads. The release of air is also gradual in the event of puncturing: there is no risk of sudden deflation. 

The rim is made using a special extrusion procedure which thins the walls. At the same time, the 26 millimeter thickness is a guarantee of strength. A rim of this type is excellent in terms of resistance and weight.

Further lightening has been obtained by milling the material between the spoke anchoring points while the rim is perfectly balanced thanks to Dynamic Balance™ technology. 

The spokes are made of aluminium with an aerodynamic profile. There are 16 in the front wheel, radially laced; 21 in the rear: 7 on the left and 14 on the right, in accordance with Two-to-One™ technology. 

The hubs have alloy bodies and axles and run on adjustable high-precision bearings.

Weight: 1460 grams